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"Brilliant - in the largest sense of the word."

Zoom fatigue - no more...!

A major success!

“David Hall is an exceptional, delightful, gentle man who lights up the room with his presentation.”


— Martin Ingram

The Institute of Telecommunication Professionals

David moves seamlessly between the worlds of Business, Education and the Arts.

To find out what he can offer you - just drop him a line…!


Everyone had a wonderful time and was fully engaged with your excellent presentation / performance. The combination of graphics, "storytelling" and demonstrations involving the audience really brought the great man and his achievements to life. 


Thank you for the experience!


— Ruth Roberts

(IK Brunel Show March 2011)


A massive thank you so much for everything you did today. Once again you amazed, amused and edutained everyone here.  We all learned new things today and that is one of the real pleasures of your visits.  You are really so good at what you do and it makes no difference how many times I see one of your shows it's always as good as the joy of the first. Also, the whole day is made so much easier by how professional and prepared you are that you can just unpack and go.


— Michelle Gooch, Norwich School

(Michael Faraday Show

May 2011 - 6th visit!)

From a Course with Oliver Wyman Consultants:


David was fantastic! Completely won me over after my initial cynicism. Really enjoyed working with him. Also, he is very perceptive of my strengths and weaknesses.


The most fun training course we have done. Has greatly improved both confidence and self awareness.


Exceptionally supportive and safe environment.


Thank you David!


Exhibits knowledge of material - excellent.


Facilitates clear application of skills – excellent.


Establishes a safe and supportive learning environment – excellent.


Great, varied content that I hadn't come across before.


Energetic delivery and very helpful input exercises


Very encouraging and positive


Lots of specific helpful comments/tricks/tips.


Very supportive and full of useful advice and tips left the group with positivity – superb! 


Congruence is key!

“Amazing energy.  Very  insightful comments on  every activity.”


“Fantastic experience.  David has unleashed  my abilities. I feel far  more comfortable and  confident.”


“Some of my hidden  areas were discovered  during the course.    Huge learning!”

Participants, HSBC, India

David Hall teaching Leadership Presence and Storytelling in Kiev 2018

Professional Actor, 

Science Communicator

and Coach..!

David Hall brings a wealth of caring experience to his bespoke coaching.

Bringing to bear a


unique blend of experiences 


Professional Actor, Professional Business Coach,

Expert Facilitator, Role-player, Interview Advisor, 

Science Communicator, Shakespeare Expert 

and Chemistry Teacher 


David works with his clients to increase their abilities in a wide range of areas, boost their confidence and help them achieve their business goals. 


Topics include...

  • Crafting Presentations, Facilitations and One to One meetings

  • Identifying your Strengths and Values - and others'!

  • Working with Challenging People

  • Handling nerves

  • Responding beautifully to Unexpected Questions

  • Storytelling in Business Contexts

  • Flexibility

  • Spontaneity

  • Presence

  • Breathing

  • Connecting

  • Relationship-Building

  • Interview Techniques

  • Empathising

  • and Inspiring..!


Greetings. My name is Steven Holt. I participated in remarkable workshop with David Hall last year and he asked me if I wouldn't mind sharing a little bit of my experience with you. 

Let me start with the headline: David is absolutely brilliant - in the largest sense of the word!  He both "shines" and knows all of the component parts of how to create a meaningful and exciting learning experience for students, one with as-we-go delights and longer-term and sustained applicability. 

In the workshop in which I participated (which focused on the sound and rhythm of Shakespeare's language) my experience in the moment was one of enormous pleasure, joy, excitement and even thrill, as David took us through exercises, skill practice sessions and debriefs. 


Soon after the experience, in looking back (through my lens as a fellow actor, trainer, facilitator and teacher), I was in awe of the seamless way in which he built our awareness of these specific sound and rhythm aspects of Shakespeare's work slowly, step by step, integrating that growing knowledge with "voice and body experiences" -- from little "moments" of aha! to more fully developed scenes. He built a wonderful arc of experience over our time together and I only wished at the end that there would have been an opportunity to continue with the work -- that day and over time! 

Even though he had a class of people of varied levels of background and experience (actors and non-actors alike), David created a learning environment for us all that was relaxed, safe, easy to jump into, playful, joyful - one in which we learned a great deal from him and from each other. 

I can say with complete confidence that David will engage his learners in a powerful way and that they will leave with not only new skills, but also a renewed excitement for the craft itself. I can't say enough good things about how strong my own experience as a student of his was and hope many others get the opportunity to experience his work in the way that I did. 



 Steven A. Holt

 in the U.S on the East Coast