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Professional Actor and Science Teacher

David Hall presents unforgettable, dynamic and interactive workshops and shows in...



and Drama.

Always a great hit with staff and pupils alike, David’s work provides an unforgettable experience they will refer back to for years to come.


He also runs popular, bespoke CPD/Training Workshops for Teachers and Lecturers of all subjects and levels and professional Science Communicators to build their skills and maximise their Presence, Impact and more.


Click here to visit David’s dedicated schools’ website, and follow the links for subject-or-character-specific pages.

David Hall as IK Brunel, Michael Faraday and Sir Isaac Newton, unforgettable and inspiring science shows  from David Hall Workshops and Shows

Inspirational Workshops & Shows


Alongside his coaching work, David has decades of experience creating and performing inspirational workshops and shows and working with teachers in schools across the U.K. and beyond.

For more information on this work, click on any of the photos below.




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The children had a wonderful time and were fully engaged with your excellent presentation / performance. The combination of graphics, "storytelling" and demonstrations involving children really brought the great man and his achievements to life. 


Thank you for the experience!


— Ruth Roberts

Benenden Primary School

(IK Brunel Show March 2011)


Another huge thank you for today!  I have had such good feedback from children and adults - all of whom really enjoyed the show.  It really was a great start to a really successful day, so thanks so much and hope to see you again!


— Lisa Sweeney,

Deputy Head, Gospel Oak School

(Michael Faraday Show - Jan 2011)


A massive thank you so much for everything you did today. Once again you amazed, amused and edutained everyone here.  We all learned new things today and that is one of the real pleasures of your visits.  You are really so good at what you do and it makes no difference how many times I see one of your shows it's always as good as the joy of the first. Also, the whole day is made so much easier by how professional and prepared you are that you can just unpack and go.


— Michelle Gooch, Norwich School

(Michael Faraday Show

May 2011 - 6th visit!)



“David is absolutely brilliant - in the largest sense of the word !”

Stephen Holt, teacher, performer & facilitator, Drama Workshop, Boston, MA 2009

David Hall Science comminicator, actor, Leadership Presence coach  from David Hall WorkshopsandShows and DavidHallCoaching
Urenco's review of David Hall's inspiring workshops on nuclear fission, uranium enrichmnent and atomic energy
David Hall as Michael Faraday with a Tesla Coil and Sparks - in his fabulous science show Meet Michael Faraday from David Hall Workshops and Shows
David Hall inspiring and unforgettable maths show Mathmagics from David Hall Workshops and Shows
David Hall Workshops and Shows unforgettable science shows, amazing maths show Mathmagics and dynamic Shakespeare workshops

“Thank you very much for coming to our Science Day in March - the best we have done so far, due in no small part to your wonderful Isaac Newton presentation, which has been much talked about in lessons and the playground since then.  I have been teaching light to my year 8 group, and your explanation of Newton's prism experiment was fully remembered and made my job much easier.”


— Nick Brown, Head of Science, 

Chumleigh Community School, Devon


“We were absolutely delighted.... and extremely impressed..... I’ll be passing your information on to our local schools, as I can really see how your sort of presentation could enrich their education programmes immensely.“

— Visitor to “Float” at HMS Belfast



“Creative, engaging and great fun.“


— Teacher’s review for 
Atomic Structure and Nuclear Power interactive workshop

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