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David's approach

David draws on
a unique blend
of skills and experiences:  Science, a wide range of Theatre and a very broad range of Businesses and Cultures.






Challenging, dynamic and hugely valuable...! 



Personal, gentle, focussed and supportive - or energetic & challenging - depending on what's required.

“David is absolutely brilliant -

in the largest sense of the word !”

— Steven Holt, Teacher, Performer, Facilitator, Boston, MA

David's approach is
  • Practical, unique and personal 

  • Fun, bespoke and applicable

  • Positive, dynamic and interactive

  • Highly supportive

  • Exciting

  • Empowering

  • 100% bespoke – drawing on years of experience to suit your needs

  • Character-building

  • Confidence-building

  • Self-knowledge-building

  • Valuable at all levels

  • Great fun and highly applicable!

David's work is NOT

  • Boring

  • One-style fits all

  • Fun but not useful

  • Academic

  • Limited in range

  • Limited in client-positions

Thank you again for your hard work and all the passion and energy you shared with us on Monday.

— Claire Cullum, Framlingham College



Thanks again for delivering such valuable sessions. 

It was such a pleasure to meet and work with you. I will definitely promote your work amongst colleagues here and keep the opportunity of working with you again secure in my mind.


— Marie Callinan, Cowes Enterprise College 



"Thank you so much. So much dedication, energy, chutzpah and confidence. You gathered all the children into the palm of your hand and tutored, nurtured, tantalised, teased, supported and most crucially ignited within them - the muse of fire...! Long live words!"


— Verity Hewlett, Keir Hardie Primary,

Newham, London

“Excellent!”   — Participant, Evonik, IMD, Lausanne

David Hall welcomes you to his Mathmagics show - inspiring maths show

“Excellent energy!  Great specific coaching.”


“Really expressive & knowledgable.”


“Very capable and taught by example.”


Participants - Procter and Gamble, Geneva 

“David was very open, engaging and created a level of comfort that made it fun and easy to learn.  Thank you!"


 Participant, Philips, Amsterdam

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