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inspire your audiences

to be

their best!

Make them feel...

  • Fear

  • Curiosity

  • Amazement

  • Intrigue

  • Excitement

  • Pride

... and more!

David Hall as Michael Faraday with a Tesla Coil, sparks and a big grin..!

  Michael Faraday  

Craft your interactions

Whether it's a meeting, a one-to-one, a vital report, a large-scale or an intimate presentation, David will help you identify exactly what you want to achieve and, using all the tools at your disposal, how to acheive it.




Gestures Expressions 

Body Language



craft your vocal



So that you can have the  impact that you and your audiences need

to help you achieve your


And develop flexibility - to respond to the changing moods, needs and circumstances of  your audiences, take them to where you need them to be - and leave them inspired...!

"Amazing !  Everyone that I spoke to sang David's praises!  His enthusiasm and engaging personality inspired everyone alike. He made learning FUN.”  

— Shamantha Parboo, Godolphin School, Slough

~ Delight ~

~ Inspire ~

~ Amaze ~

"David lifts people up"

- Lisa Boudet, coachee

"Thanks again for a truly insightful two days.

The course was such a great wake up call for me – and the inspiration has been lasting all week!"

"David was brilliant !!!  

He lived the training and the content!  

Good actor, great coach!"

— Participants, Amex, London & Germany

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